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June 05, 2007



Just wanted to say that I'm reading your book now and I am loving it! the writing is amazing and so is the story. Great job!

Lorenzo Da Ponte

I must correct you, dear Abrams. When I was asked to write the Libretto for Mozart, I never ever wanted to make my Don Giovanni a rapist. Of course, both Mozart and I were not very pleased with all these noblemen harassing women (including our own women!) and this is also reflected in the ambivalent nature of Don Giovanni: a seducer that also uses his social power to seduce. Not always, however: do not forget that at the beginning of the Second Act Don Giovanni uses Leporello's clothes to seduce Elvira's maiden. But there is no evidence from my Libretto that Don Giovanni has ever raped "la bellissima Donn'Anna". Do you want a prove of it? Very simple indeed: when Don Giovanni and Donn'Anna enter into the scene, he is escaping and she is following him. Have you ever seen an assaluted woman following her rapist alone in the night?
Be more cautious. More on your XVI century Seville later. Your faithful Lorenzo Da Ponte

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